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SmartView Evolution
SmartView Evolution is the name of our customized counselling solution depending on individual profile, competencies and personal career options, for a correct and realistic approach of the labour market.  It offers multiple choices starting with professional writing of both the CV as well as the letter of intention, individual coaching sessions in order to identify careerobjectives, short training sessions with major impact on personal development and increase of competitivity on the labour market, up to the assessment on scientific basis of abilities and the identification of the personality profile.

For people at their early stages in career, we recommend SmartView Career Startup set of services, out of which students or fresh graduates can choose only one or a combination of personalized services or group sessions, depending on their needs and preferences.

For the people who want to redefine their career priorities and get an increased competitivity on the labour market, we have created SmartView Career Redesign, which allows specialists and managers select those specialised services that belong totheir own necessities and preferences.

Career StartUp

For students and young graduates the opportunities of employment look more and more limited, on a labour market in which the demand is increasingly high compared to the offer. On the other hand, the sources of information contain lots of contradictory materials on what to do and not to do during the process of searching a job, starting with the CV design and ending with the way in which your hands should stay on the table during the interview. You feel confused because you do not know what to choose from all these, you have no clear idea about the way in which you should promote yourself on the labour market and the process of finding a job becomes an exhausting one, while time goes by.

SmartView Career Startup is helping you early know the labour market and outline your own qualities respecting at the same time the requests of the employers, so that, no matter if one or 1000 candidates on a vacancy, you get an increased success rate.

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If you are a student or a fresh graduate, through SmartView Career Startup set of services:

  • you discover who you are and what you want, you get confidence in your strengths and better control main aspects of your career,
  • you get a realistic perspective on your personal development and your CV will reflect at all times the focus you have as a future professional,
  • you get informed regarding employers and available vacancies in line with your profile and own aspirations,
  • you learn to consider the interview as a natural step in the process of searching for a job.

You can find below the services within SmartView Career Startup, out of which you can choose one out of ten available products or a combination of several products that best answer your needs.

Personalised services, individual counselling

  • Role and CV preparation
  • Assessment of verbal abilities
  • Assessment of numerical abilities
  • Assessment of logical abilities
  • Identification of Personality Traits
  • Searching for the Right Role

Group sessions

  • What is the Interview?
  • Assessment Centre
  • Personal Branding
  • Change Management

Where would you start from?

If your careerrelated interests can be found among the description above, if you wantto have more details on our services for students and fresh graduates or are particularly interested in one specific service from SmartView Career Startup package, we welcome your message at

Career ReDesign

Through SmartView Career Redesign we provide customized career consultancy to managers or specialists who want a career change or must make such a change given current labour market conditions and the economic environment.

The services within SmartView Career Redesign are presented below and you can choose one single service or combine several services which best answer your needs while taking overagain the process or looking for a job or identification of new opportunities.

Personalised services – individual counselling

  • CV Role and preparation
  • Identification of Personality Traits
  • Looking for the Right Role
  • The Employment Interview
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Where would you start from?

If your career related interests can be found among the description above, if you want to have more details on our services for specialists and managers or are particularly interested in one specific service from SmartView Career Redesign package, we welcome your message at