Talent Q

HR SmartView Consulting is representing Talent Q in Romania, one of the biggest providers of assessment methods on a worldwide scale.

The solutions offered by HR SmartView Consulting are based on modern methods, techniques and instruments, well known and appreciated among HR specialists worldwide, being used in big consultancy corporations or by the HR departments of large multinationals.

Talent Q is very well scientifically founded (psychometrics, economics, management) as well as technologically (is using most innovative and modern IT techniques), offering a unique experience to candidates and real and tangible benefits for the clients, among which we name only some: Deloitte, British American Tobacco, Verizon, Carlsberg, Vodafone, Somerfield, GE Money or City Group.

Talent Q is providing innovative assessment tools, based on solid scientific grounds, the results of which allow identification of the best fit individual to do a role and offers essential information in relation with the training and development needs of both individuals and teams.  Through the answers that they provide, Talent Q system is supporting decision making process, either in Human Resources management or within he management layers of an organisation.

Talent Q Assessment System, available in 40 languages, including Romanian, is naturally combining the scientific complexity of personnel assessment with the simplicity of use and intuitive support for correct interpretation of the results obtained.

Talent Q Assessment Systems

  • Elements – innovative and dynamic tools for the assessment of abilities as well as of intellectual traits
  • Dimensions – a unique assessment system of the personality which incorporates facilities that allow shaping the reports obtained to the requirements of the job that is to be filled in or in which the candidate already carries out his/her activities
  • MultiView – a 360 assessment tool, collecting feed-back from various layers within the organisation or relevant stakeholders, as the case
  • Aspects  an online competency based screening questionnaire. Used in the early stages of the recruitment process, it identifies rapidly the unsuitable candidates, allowing only the fit ones to progress in the selection process.

All Talent Q components have been developed with the aim of being applicable in all sectors, functions or hierarchical layers of an organisation. The solutions that the system is providing are adapted to the needs and requirements of every client and they combine online technology with combined learning and consultancy capabilities.

Benefits of using Talent Q


Developed by Roger Holdsworth, one of SHL founders, is meant to be used in the dynamic business environment of today; Talent Q stands for a robust solution relevant and efficient for the assessment of current or future employees.


The dynamic assessment technology used by Talent Q is putting away the necessity to use various tests for specific roles. In short, one single assessment can adapt dinamically to the performance level and abilities of a candidate, no matter the hierarchical level.


Talent Q is the result of continuous efforts of recruitment, development and learning specialists which are constantly monitoring that the assessments and reports are pracyical and easy to use.


It offers a complex approach which includes e-learning, online or phone help as well as practical training. For those who have a previous relevant training no extra accreditations are necessary.


Very good balance between price and quality, no extra costs for the set up and usage of the system and the possibility to adapt to the needs of your organisation.

Talent Q

If you want to find out more about Talent Q Assessment Systems and how they can best support your organisation, please write us on info@talentq.ro