We run complete search and selection projects for specialized roles or management level. Depending on the needs of the client organisation, we use simple and efficient tools to identify the suitable candidates not only for the role but also for the work environment in which they will have to fit in quickly in order to support the organisation in reaching its objectives. The methods we use, vary from classical job postings into the relevant communication channels to direct approach, 2.0 recruitment or usage of own network of contacts.

You can outsource complete recruitment and selection projects or only part of them to our professional team. To give you only a couple of examples, we can take over CV screening or psychometric assessments for roles where hundreds of applications are received. In this way, you will be able to focus on more strategic aspects of the HR function.

For candidates

In the section ‘Contacts’ you will find the necessary data to send us your CV. We thank you for trust. Once we have received it, our consultants will analyze it and the essential data will be kept in our database as strictly confidential.

After we have checked the match between the job requests and your knowledge, skills as well as experience we will invite you to a meeting which besides the interview, depending on the profile of the job can include also a couple of tests.

During this interview we will give you more details about the employer. Further on the employer decides who will meet in the selection process, based on the proposals we make. The employment offer is presented by the employer to the selected candidate while HRSmartView consultants are constantly getting feed-back on the selection process.

We are recommending our two training programs from the section recruitment and selection which have as a target group: business managers as well as HR professionals, managers making selection decisions.

  • Interviewing Skills
  • Assessment Centre

For candidates, our consultants are offering you career counselling services; in the Your career section you will find the necessary contact details.

Thank you for the trust.