For us business consultancy means first of all trust and collaboration with our clients so as to identify the best solutions for the challenges that these are facing.

Without these elements we couldn’t do together:

  • employer branding programs;
  • recruitment and selection processes adapted to specific profiles;
  • candidates assessment materials (Assessment Centers included);
  • induction programs: professional orientation for new employees within an organization;
  • internal policies and procedures adapted to the needs of the client organization, in line with Romanian legislation;
  • annual training calendar of the employees based on the needs identified;
  • training materials for the development of the employees, adapted to their needs, based on the job requirements as well as career perspectives;
  • development and implementation of people evaluation processes and systems;
  • development and implementation of reward and recognition processes and systems which support values;
  • change management programs helping organizations go through changes in the structure, process or organizational culture;
  • shaping the organizational culture, pulse check, programs for launching new values or reshaping current organizational values;
  • Promotion of work instruments or methods which are being used in the business area through the HR perspective.

These are only some of our activities from the business consultancy area, we stay open for a discussion with you about your organization needs. Together we can establish the ways in which we can contribute to help you reach your organizational goals, through integrated solutions that refer to the human capital, current as well as future.