Who we are

HR SmartView Consulting

We are offering business consultancy in the HR field as HR SmartView Consulting provides integrated solutions in the human capital area, trying to answer to the increasing challenges of the talent attraction, development as well as retention within the organisations in a changing economic and social environment.

Our clients can count on our professionalism, commitment, time, effort as well as on the passion we put in the projects that we undertake.

Our services
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Our values


We listen to the needs of our business partners, we are open to explore opportunities and investigate alternatives.


The results of our work are having high quality standards, we base the products resulting from our projects on our business and people related knowledge, skills and experience, working closely also with collaborators from the business environment, we act with integrity and responsibly in our everyday work.


We have a consistent approach, we set milestones and do periodical evaluations of our work, we collect and act on the feedback received.

Ability to adapt to change

We are flexible and prepared to adapt to change, to the realities of the economic and social environment and also to the transformation happening within organizations, influenced by the development stage they are in, their age or by external factors.

Why would you work with us?

Our clients can count on our professionalism, our dedication, time, effort and on the interest we show in the projects we do.

We know the labour market in Romania and in other European countries as we run complex recruitment and consultancy projects. We work easily with both companies and individuals, by offering a wide range of services adapted to every category, meeting the specific requirements of every project. Over the last 10 years, HR SmartView Consulting has continuously extended its services and work instruments successfully responding to the challenges in its field.

We take over HR processes

We are ready to take over smoothly HR processes (recruitment, administration, exit) or stages/elements of one HR process (interviewing or candidates testing). Our clients decided to outsource to HR SmartView several activities which we run through dedicated specialists from our office or on site, working on our clients’ premises.

We know the labour market

We know the labour market through the perspective of over 250 recruitment projects which we ran for industries and positions in global and local structures in Romania and other countries like UK, Poland or Germany. We have contributed to the growth of several global service centres for which we recruited directors/managers and specialists in areas like Finance, IT, Procurement, Legal, Human Resources.

We use psychometrics

As representatives of TalentQ for over 10 years on the Romanian market, we use psychometric instruments in our projects and we make them available to our clients for the entire Talent Management process. The analysis and interpretation of the results can be done by us or by the clients themselves after the completion of internationally recognised certification sessions, organised by HR SmartView consultants.

We speak foreign languages

We speak foreign languages, we use them in our recruitment and human resources consultancy projects. We run English courses as well as courses of Romanian for foreigners. We organise preparation courses for getting Cambridge certificates: YLE, KET, PET, FCE, CAE and CPE. We are addressing to both companies and individuals while registrations take place throughout the entire year.

We offer career consultancy

We are close to the candidates who want to indentify or redefine their professional objectives through our Career programmes: Start-Up and Redesign. So far we have supported the development of more than 300 people. Every candidate is guided depending on the studies, experience and the interests which he/she has or which are discovered together with the career consultant.